Some specialties recommend research experience while others do not. Talk to your faculty advisor about whether the specialty you are seeking requires research experience. All programs look at research favorably, but it may not enhance your residency application if you plan to join a community residency program in primary care. If you are interested in pursuing research, consider participating in a Research Externship between your MS1 and 2 year. View a research list of those faculty interested in research mentoring. Please contact any of the research scientists and clinicians. Most of these experiences are unpaid and volunteer so please clarify this when you speak to the faculty research mentor. Many labs offer longitudinal research experiences, some offer 1 or 2 month research electives in years 3 and 4.

The Student Affairs website has various research and fellowship opportunities outside the University. As these come in, they are posted on the website. Some are paid and some are volunteer.

The Office of Graduate Program will also send a list in early February for Summer Research Externships via WSU-SOM and the scientists here.

If you are interested in ANY faculty member's research who is not on the research list, do not hesitate to introduce yourself and inquire regarding any opportunities. Most faculty are excited about working with motivated students.

National Research Opportunities

Last year, the OSR Committee on Diversity and Community started a spreadsheet for research grants and scholarship opportunities for medical students that they update on a monthly basis. The link can be found here.